Our Humane and Healthy Practices

Howdy! Founded in 2002 Dragon Spur Farms is a small family-operated farm in Denton County Texas specializing in organic pesticide-free produce and true pastured dairy and meats.

Our goal is to be one of Denton’s leading local food providers to those in need.


Our harvest depends on the time of year and the maturity of our produce and animals. This includes true pastured grass-fed Angus beef, pastured free-range Ameraucana eggs (also called “Easter eggers” because of the different shell colors), and cattle-ready hay rounds. On some years we may also offer pastured turkeys for both meat and eggs, aquaponically raised fish, and pesticide-free herbs.

Comparing eggs – the deeper the gold color the better the omega-3 oils and better for your health.

eggs_0 eggs_1

We do not use hormones, steroids, or residual pesticides. On the rare occasion an individual animal is ill we will use antibiotics or other medicines to save their life, but this is not a routine treatment for all. Our cows may be grain fed but only in the very last few weeks before they are processed as opposed to very unhealthy grain lot meats most commonly sold in stores or served in restaurants.


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Here are the definitions of “free-range”, “organic”, “omega-3”, and “pastured” that explain why pastured foods are superior health foods to the other terms used in modern marketing.

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